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We’re not just your normal website design firm. St.George Web Design web designers in Sydney have the knowledge and expertise within the building industry so as to develop and market a site that is right for you. It’s not only about getting a site up. . .it’s much more complex than that. There are lots of intricate details that we focus on to make your site successful within your particular trade. We build sites for ALL contractor business types and construction transactions. We’ve worked with nearly every sort of builder – Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Check out more builder website design services we provide. St.George Web Design specializes in builder marketing, HVAC advertising and functions almost every trade on the market.

Is Your Business In The Trade Sector? Is You Website Mobile-Friendly?

Have you ever looked at your organization’s site on your smartphone? How does this look? Can you read your website’s text and quickly locate your business’s phone number? Are you still waiting for your website to load?

Whenever your clients have home emergencies (say they want their garage door repaired or they will need to schedule a drywall repair), they are going to be hunting for your services on their telephones. If you have ever tried to navigate a conventional website from your telephone, you know the issues; they’re slow to load and difficult to read. Plus, search engines such as Google won’t rank your website well in search engine results if it is not mobile-friendly!

To put it simply, if your contracting firm doesn’t have a site optimized for mobile devices and smartphones, you are losing potential customers and sales!

At St.George Web Design , We Provide a variety of mobile web design options for contracting Companies, including:

  • Mobile Websites – A snippet of code placed in the part of your site’s HTML source code finds the device being used by the visitor to access the site and then redirects visitors using mobile devices to another website–typically housed on another site URL–such as “” These websites are fast and inexpensive to construct.
  • Responsive Sites – With responsive design, you’ve got one site –one pair of HTML code–but the code automatically corrects various visual features online page based on the kind of device being used by the visitor. Whether you’re searching for a custom cellular site or responsive design for your site (or even a hybrid approach of both!) , Blue Corona can help.

What Sets St.George Web Design Apart

When you select St.George Web Design as your web design partner for your contracting company, you’ll get:

  1. A team that knows your contracting company from an owner’s perspective
  2. A project manager who coaches and guides you through the process to make sure your website goes”live” on time and on budget
  3. A great looking and working website design that exceeds your expectations
  4. A measurable improvement in your organic search positions and visit-to-lead conversion rates (our normal customer experiences a 100 – 500% performance increase between their old site and their new site in areas like organic traffic generation (search engine optimization ) and visit-to-lead conversion prices!)

Ready for a new site? Take a look at our website design portfolio and see some of our hottest sites and contact us now!